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Notable Stories: September and October 2016

Volicon — August Issue
IBC Manufacturer Musings by Gary Learner
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AIMS — September 7
From The IBC Exhibit Floor: AIMS
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Utah Scientific — September Issue
IBC Manufacturer Musings by Scott Barella

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Square Box Systems — November 7
Why Smart Metadata is Essential – Square Box Systems Has a View
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Harmonic — October 18
Striking Gold at Rio
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Quantum — November Issue
StorNext Drives Collaborative Edit Workflow for 3 MNC Group TV Stations
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The Media Landscape — Earned, Owned, Paid

Why PR and the media are more important than ever

I get to talk to a lot of senior management and marketing people at all kinds of different companies in the broadcast technology market. These companies run the full gamut from brand-new startups to well-established, privately held companies to large public enterprises, and, of course, the medium-sized companies that seem to be at the core of the industry around the globe. So I hear a lot of different viewpoints on the role of PR and the trade media today.

We work with a good solid base of companies that “get it” — they get that PR and the media are very important to their communications mix. They get that PR not only helps sell product in the long term, but also builds value overall by raising awareness of the company in the industry as a whole. PR puts your name in front of potential customers, which is great. Seeing your name and accomplishments also makes current customers feel good about their purchases and gives them continued confidence. A good story in the press inspires employees, dealers, and resellers. It can give everyone in the “ecosystem-that-is-your-brand” a sense of pride and accomplishment, and building on that kind of energy can make a company really great.

That’s my pitch.

But not everyone’s buying it.

There’s an undercurrent of crankiness among some marketeers and C-suite folks who think PR isn’t worth the investment. Nor advertising, for that matter. They think that the trade press is a relic of another generation, and it’s not the way to reach the market anymore. There’s an attitude among some that “if you tweet it, they will come.” Or just send out an email blast, and magic will happen.

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